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Universal: Interreligious Dialogue

That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.

“Religious freedom […] is not only a precious gift from the Lord for those who have faith: it is a gift for each person, because it is the basic guarantee of every other expression of freedom […]. Only faith reminds us that, if we have one Creator, we are therefore all brothers and sisters. Religious freedom is a safeguard against all forms of totalitarianism and contributes decisively to human fraternity”…

Evangelization: Christian Unity

That by means of dialogue and fraternal charity and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, Christians may overcome divisions.

“Has Christ been divided?” (1 Cor 1:13). The urgent appeal which Saint Paul makes at the beginning of his First Letter to the Corinthians, and which has been proclaimed at this evening’s liturgy, was chosen by a group of our fellow Christians in Canada as the theme for our meditation during this year’s Week of Prayer…


العائلة هي مغامرة... مغامرة جميلة!
واليوم اقول بحزن: في كثير من الأحيان نفكر بتأسيس عائلة والزواج كورقة يانصيب... فلنحاول الزواج وان نجحنا نكون نجحنا أو لم ننجح ننهي كل شيء ونبدأ من جديد. وهذا تسخيف لأعظم هدية أعطاها الله للبشرية وهي: #العائلة

لنصلي هذا الشهر مع #البابا_فرنسيس على نية العائلات ولنطلب حمايتها ككنز من كنوز الإنسانية في القرارات المتخذة من قبل السياسيين والإقتصاديين.
نيّة الصلاة لشهر آب/ أغسطس

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The family is God's greatest gift to humanity, the pope said.


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