Dear friends in Christ,

On Friday, August 31st I had a private audience with Pope Francis. We spoke about the entire process of the recreation of the Apostleship of Prayer as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. I presented to him the plans for the third stage of refoundation in relation to the parishes, groups, and communities. The Pope is happy and grateful for the recreation of this ecclesial service, now a Pontifical Work. We spoke of the importance of prayer for these challenges faced by humanity and the mission of the Church, supported in the Way of the Heart, a mission of compassion for the world.

Meeting of the International Director with Pope Francis – prayer and support PWPN-EYM

To the directors and coordinators of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network – EYM Dear friends, The last few days have seen attacks from ultraconservatives, with the support of journalists, looking—as they have on repeated occasions—to destabilize Pope Francis and the reform of the Church. In the spiritual tradition, we learn that when the “enemy of […]